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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hang Out With Friends

Sunday lunch, I went to SM Mall of Asia to meet my best friend. The last time I saw him was before Christmas. I was excited to see him and to catch up with him. I brought along the free printer I got from buying my new laptop. He bought my printer half the price. I would then use the money to pay for the laptop.

I arrived SM Mall of Asia at exactly 12 noon. I met my best friend outside Starbucks. After our catching up talk, we went to Ace hardware to buy my adaptor for my laptop charger. The adaptor costs 50 pesos and I was amazed that the cashier lady deducted my payment from my SM Advantage card. According to her, I have 160 points and I can use it to pay for my purchase.

After that we looked for CD-R King to buy a cooling pad for my laptop. My best friend insisted that it’s his gift for my birthday. Thanks Joey! Right after buying the cooling pad, I sent a SMS message to my other friend whom we would meet. After strolling and withdrawing cash, I finally decided to call him to ask for his whereabouts. He told me that we could have our lunch and he would just catch up. It was almost 1 P.M. so the both of us are already starving.

On our way to Chiggy’s, I saw a religious store, St. Pauls. We went inside and I looked for a rosary. My best friend did not know that I would buy him a rosary. I even let him pick a rosary. He was surprised that I gave him the rosary. I was supposed to give him a rosary last Christmas but we didn’t have a chance to meet.

Anyway, I ordered the famous Chiggy’s grilled squid and my best friend ordered for the Chicken fillet meal. Right after ordering, my other friend sent a SMS message informing me that he is near MOA. I pre-ordered him Grilled squid then just waited for him to arrive.

After our late lunch, we strolled the mall, window-shopped then went to Starbucks afterwards. My best friend bought our drinks. I just had sweetened ice tea and the both of them had cold coffee. I already stopped drinking coffee for the belief that it is one of the reasons of my stomach ache. We had a blast in Starbucks. Even I am not comfortable with coffee shops, I had fun with my two buddies. I hope to hang out with them more often.

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1 comment:

Joey said...

Hope you enjoyed your gift. It was nice seeing you again. :)