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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grocery At Ever

Yesterday, my friend and I went to Ever Pasig to have our lunch. It was unusual that I had chicken at Jollibee. After our lunch, we strolled the mall. After a quick walk at the second floor of Ever, we went to the Supermarket to buy a dishwashing sponge. Our dishwashing sponge at the apartment looks like a habitat for bacteria. So, I have decided to buy a new one.

My supposed shopping for a dishwashing sponge turned into a weekly grocery shopping. I bought five bottles of C2 (forest fruits my favorite variant), sandwich spread, Cheez Whiz spread, Gardenia slice bread, Bear Brand powdered milk (Ate Vi!), Chips, Rebisco crackers and instant Pancit canton. I also bought an ointment for my stomachache for 12 pesos.

And oh, I did not forget to buy a dishwashing sponge.

Anyway, a friend told me that C2 has formaldehyde (formaline). Is this true?

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arpee lazaro said...

birthday mo daw pre? happy birthday!

Lorelei said...

It's interesting to see your list of things at the grocery store. Except for Cheese Whiz, I've never heard of any of that stuff.

maki said...

i love chiz wiz! haay..sad to say not available here...

Makoy said...

Thanks arpee!

Cheez Whiz is a cheese sandwich spread. If I'm not mistaken it is a local Philippine brand.