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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Glorietta 2 Bombing

Yesterday after lunch, I received a YM message from a Filipino friend working in Singapore. Jhing was confirming me the report of the bombing incident just happened in Glorietta Mall Makati. At that time, I wasn't aware of any news. My only source of news is on prime time TV newscast. I immediately checked Inquirer.net and gmanews.tv to verify her queries.

I was shocked to read from the breaking news that its true. From the initial report, the explosion was caused by an LPG. As the news unfolded, somehow it turned out to be 80% sure to be a bomb and not LPG.

From the latest news, there were eight fatalities, more than a hundred were injured and five are missing.

It just bothers me that these incidents happen even malls have security measures. Do these security guards know what they are doing when we present our bags to them? Are they really efficient? It's just disappointing!

Amidst this tragedy, it crossed my mind that somehow the Arroyo administration has something to to with the bombing--to divert the news of bribery and her opponents request for her to step down. I don't know what happened before Martial Law but according to the news, what happened yesterday was just like before Martial Law was declared. I just hope political leaders would be vigilant to protect our democracy.

Back to Glorietta, I was impressed that Ayala Land immediately announced that they would take care all of the victims medical expenses. Ayala Land president himself was there to check the situation.

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Anonymous said...

GMA's comments on Glorietta Blast "See its business as usual"! Fuck GMA! When does killing become a business to you?

maki said...

the wife of my cousin's friend is one of the casualties in Glorietta 2 bombing...