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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Extra Challenge Hosts Inside The PBB House

The celebrity house mates of Big Brother is finally complete including celebrity guest Mariel Rodriguez. The additional house mates are as follows: Gaby dela Merced, Mcoy Fundales, Zara Aldana, Jon Avila, and Ethel Booba.

I was surprised with the somehow forced entrance of Mariel Rodriguez as a celebrity guest. I believe it should be her decision and not her talent manager, Boy Abunda. Given the fact that Mariel gave a hint to her manager that she might endure the life inside the Big Brother house, I think that is not enough.

I don't know how the talent and manager goes when it comes to decision making. I just hope Mariel make it till the end of her stay. It's just fun to see Mariel cry and even close to a nervous breakdown. She made me pity her and like her for being herself.

Anyway, I was also surprised that Ethel Booba is one of the official house mates. She even had a grand entrance with her peacock-like gown. She even backed out then decided to enter the Big Brother house again. She would definitely spice up the bland roster of celebrity house mates.

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