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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Date With Mommy Cool Part II

cute cat in TiendesitasWhen we got to Tiendesitas, we immediately went to the pet’s section. From cats, dogs, fishes and reptiles, you could find it in Tiendesitas. There are even pet salons to groom your pets while you’re shopping or enjoying your time with your family and friends. There are some shops though that stinks.

After spending our time in the pet section, I went to the comfort room to answer my call of nature. I was impressed with the native design of the comfort room with a mix of modern elements. We went to the furniture section afterwards. Mommy Nokk saw that there was a dog show on the activity center so we went to watch it. I got bored with the Beagle show so my friend and I went back to the furniture section. We end buying a “bahay kubo” inside a glass bottle ornament.

Makoy and MishaAfter checking out the furniture section, we went back to the dog show and looked for Mommy Nokk. Mommy sent his son a SMS message to fetch us in Tiendesitas coz Mommy was already exhausted.

While waiting for her son, we went to the food court then bought fruit juices. His son arrived with Mommy’s favorite dog, Misha. Misha made me happy that day. I even walked Misha to the van. I just had a hard time walking her coz she keeps on following Mommy.

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dazedblu* said...

Hey nice visit to some pet shops.. I luv cats ;)

Anonymous said...

nice one. saya naman nyan. gs2 ko rin dogs ;)