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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Credit Card Limit Increase

Yesterday at work, I finally contacted Silicon Valley MegaMall to inquire on the Compaq Presario V3525TU laptop that I saw on their brochure. I also inquired on the credit card payment scheme. I was saddened to hear that I would be cashing out money coz my BPI SPI credit limit isn’t sufficient to the laptop that I am buying.

I immediately called BPI credit card and asked for my SPI credit limit increase. The customer service representative asked for a letter of request and my latest income tax return (ITR). I was rushing a report so I asked for my officemate’s help to fax my documents to BPI.

When I called BPI to verify if they have received my faxed documents, the CSR noticed that my letter of request has no signature in it. I re-faxed it again after I have affixed my signature. I just hope my request would be approved so I could buy my desired laptop on my birthday.

I would know the result on my birthday. I hope BPI would be considerate and would give this increase as a gift.

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Zang said...

kelan po ba birthday niyo?

DJB Rizalist said...

tear up the card. TEAR UP the card!

ronald soo said...

as far as i concern, i do not have incometax return anymore due to i am doing it using self assessment's... and funny eh... and many many bank very funny asking for documents that doesn't exists anymore...

wonder they are updated or not