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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Clear Anti-Dandruff Conditioner Ice Cool

Last week, my hair looks and feels dull (as if I had a hair great day). It may have something to do with my frequent sun exposure and pollution. On our bathroom, there’s this Clear Anti-Dandruff Conditioner Ice Cool that looks unused for a long time.

After shampooing, I tried using it and placed a huge amount of it on my palm then rubbed it on my hair and scalp. It was a surprise that it’s ice cool to my scalp. I had a brain freeze while rinsing my hair and scalp.

This conditioner is not for me. That’s why no one’s using it. No one in our household desired a head attack. Hahaha!

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1 comment:

awannabe said...

You are silly!

The conditioner has aged. No telling what it evolved into. Best not use it anymore or the hair may fall out. go to the store and gets some different one.