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Friday, October 5, 2007

Banco De Oro Credit Card Bill

Last week, I received my Banco De Oro Credit Card bill for the month of September. I was shocked to see that my due amounted to 6,000 pesos. As I was reading the detailed transaction, I saw that the things I bought for my new apartment have been posted. My mattress foam, electric fan, bed sheet, pillows and other grocery and shopping items.

I am not used to see large amounts in my credit card bills, so I was really shocked and I felt weak. Thank God I have savings and I paid cash for my Television and DVD player.

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fruityoaty said...

I don't like to use my credit card... only if I have to, which is for purchasing stuff online.

Makoy said...

You should be wise in using your credit card. You should only use it if needed. In my case, I use it for points. Hehe.

I don't trust purchasing online. I'm afraid my information would be stolen.

suchsimplepleasures said...

credit cards are a sure way to give yourself a nervous breakdown! Hate those things yet...they're just so convenient.

BoobooStrider said...

oh yeah... i also use BDO. love the card, hate my bills... hehe

chase said...

damn! heheh
kawawa man ka.

Anonymous said...

I have not used yet my BDO card. I have fears. Damn me, why did i apply for one? hehe. i'll use this, when necessary. tsk..