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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Alicia Keys New Music Video: No One

Alicia Keys As I Am album No One singleJust seen two new music videos on MTV. I did not know Nicole Scherzinger of The PussyCat Dolls is going solo. She has this new music video, Baby Love. As usual her oozing sex appeal is all over her video. I just find her music a bit different from her girl group.

One of my favorite singers, Alicia Keys is back and finally has a new album “As I Am” to be released on November 13, 2007. I think it’s about time that she shines in the music scene again. Her sound is still the same. She looks good in the music video with her big curly hair. And oh she’s hot in her tight dress. I hope her new album would sell good.

Anyway, is this Chris Brown that I am seeing with a big aphro hair? It looks like him. The song is great with a theme of 1 love. Not! It’s not Chris Brown. Just can’t recall his name. Arghh!

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Zang said...

Hello Makoy! Sorry medyo natagalan pagreply ko. Pano medyo gipit, tsaka parati occupied with my review classes. Nalink na kita! Tapos na! It's really cool to have one friend like you here. Thanks a lot!

Dex said...

I really like Alicia Keys' 'No One'. I love the intensity of her voice here.

Makoy said...

@zang: thanks for the link!

@dex: I can't wait for her new album. I would definitely buy one!