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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ugly Makoy

I feel ugly today! I have a large pimple on my left temple and the black pants that I am wearing now smells like undried clothes. Too bad the weather lately does not cooperate with me.

Anyway, I have updated my blog header this morning. I tried uploading my favorite header (emote) but it seems to need some polishing. For the mean time, I have uploaded the “happy” header picture.

I can’t wait for 5 P.M. so I could go home and rest. I want to sleep! Harrr! It’s my laundry day today.

Makoy emote header

Makoy happy header


dam-dam said...


blackdarkheart said...

refreshing tingnan yung "happy" header mo!!. ugly? jos ko. araw araw ata ganyan ako..gud pm

Anonymous said...

no.. infact, ure cute :D

deus ex machina said...

haha found a kindred spirit here. the
not so cooperative weather been adding up to expenses lately- kelangan pa-laundry lagi kasi di natutuyo labada hehehe

chase said...

i love the new header.. very cute.