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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Makro Shopping

Last Saturday right after I’ve unpacked my things at my new apartment, I went to Makro with a friend to buy a television and bookshelves. At Makro Cubao, we first checked the television. Most of the brands are unpopular and seem to be much cheaper than major appliance shops.

After seeing the prices, we checked for the TV stand and shelves. There are build yourself shelves that are seem to be affordable. 2-level shelves costs 299 pesos; 3-level shelves costs 399; and 4-level costs 499. There was even a buy-one-take-one promo for a much smaller version of the 3-level shelves for 599 pesos that one I bought. I went back to the entrance and got a shopping cart.

After buying the shelves, we went to buy a garbage bin, doormat, shoe rack, utensils, plates and saucers, drinking glasses and extra hangers. Since it’s running late, I have decided to just buy a TV right there and there even I am not comfortable with the brands of TV. I ended buying a 14-inch Protech TV for 3500 pesos. Since I still don’t have a cable at that time, I’ve decided to buy a DVD player for 1500 pesos.

At the cashier, I’ve learned that they only accept BPI credit cards. Since my credit card limit for regular purchases are already used up, I used my BPI ATM card to pay for the purchases. I almost faint with my total bill. I was even surprised that plastic bags are sold separately for 5 pesos. I even saw a fellow shopper with an Isetann plastic bag. That’s why they have their own plastic bags.

At the checkout counter, I noticed that the buy-one-take-one shelves that I bought were actually of different size. When I checked my receipt, I was charged double. I consulted their customer service and asked for the refund of the wrong item and got the right size of the shelves.

The security guard even asked a man outside to fetch us a cab. Luckily, it wasn’t that traffic on our way to Lifehomes. Sad though, it was raining when we arrived my place.


chase said...

shopping galore ahhh..
i stay away from unknown brands.
baka madaling masira yan.. hehe

noKk said...

hehehe....kainis po jan....better go to the mall na lang....bakit ang plastic eh me bayad pa? grrrrrr.....ask ka saleslady d alam kung san ung ganung item....grrrrr...

dean said...

sosyal. daming nabili a!