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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Laundry Boy

It was the 9th anniversary of our company yesterday. By 3 P.M., a mass was held at the boardroom. I wasn’t able to attend the mass coz I have pending reports to do. After the mass, we had carbonarra pasta, pork barbeque, “puto” and softdrinks. My boss even went back to get me a new plate of pasta, pork barbeque and “puto”. I packed the remaining pork barbeque and planned to eat it during dinner.

After work instead of riding the tricycle at Lifehomes, I tried walking to my place. It wasn’t that far so walking should be habit and it would cut my expenses. When I got home I collected my used underwear, socks and handkerchief. I was still full so I did my laundry before taking my bath and dinner. I bought a powder detergent from a store nearby and immediately start doing the laundry. Even I only washed a few pair of underwear, socks and handkerchief my hands ached a lot.

After the laundry, I went to bath and bought one cup of rice and an order of “ginataang langka” from a food outlet near my place. For the first time, I had my dinner inside the house.

After dinner, I went to my room and waited for the TV series, “Brothers and Sisters.” Thank God Studio 23 has a clear reception on my room. Went to bed afterwards feeling weak and sleepy.


noKk said...

hehehe....at nag-take home ka pa ha.....jokes....k lang un.....carry mo naman....hao nga kita ko hand mo eh...napakanipis ng skin...know what, me ganun din akong cyst sa left hand ko...but actually na-trauma un...d ko lang napaayos...pero d naman gano halata....thanks 4 bloghopping!!! This is mommycool. :)

Anonymous said...

wow naman. u do the laundry din pala. ako i rarely do it. baka kxe mapasma ako. lague ako asa work and kaharap ko pc tapos maglalaba..wag na.hehe.

God Bless :)