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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lasagna with Ugly Betty

Yesterday after lunch, I was invited by my officemate and my former officemate currently working in Makati to meet and to have dinner at French Baker around 7 P.M. Aside from that, we would catch up on each other lives.

I was actually not sure if I would come with them since according to my TV schedule, Ugly Betty was on the 8 P.M. time slot. What made me come with them? Hmmm... Free dinner!!! Absolutely a yes factor!

Around 5:30 P.M., I went straight to MegaMall leaving my officemate in the office. I dropped by Powerbooks to check for books and to see the Top 20 CDs. Sadly, the music store is being renovated. Went to Bioresearch afterwards. I planned to buy a fish bowl set for my apartment. I desperately want to have a pet either fish or dog. I want a company inside my room.

Around 6:20 P.M., I met my officemate at St. Francis Square and bought Season 1 of Ugly Betty. Instead of waiting for it every Wednesday on Star World, I have decided to buy it. We went to Bench MegaMall afterwards then met our friend at Jollibee MegaMall B.

We went straight to French Baker and ordered for lasagna. Since they only offered to buy me pasta, I bought the soda myself. The soda costs 30 pesos! It is much pricey than my viand and rice at home. After many conversations and laughs, we went home before 8 P.M. Thanks to Rosell and Simon for the dinner!

I arrived home 9:15 P.M. I was fortunate that I was able to watch Pirate Master even it had already started. After watching Pirate Master, I watched the pilot episode of Ugly Betty coz I missed it on Star World then jumped to Episode 4.

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Mon said...

The original header is still the best. Yun na lang. wag mo nang baguhin.