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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Justice Served

I arrived today at the office 30 minutes early again. Before 8 A.M., I finished typing four posts for my blog. Past 9 A.M., I received a YM message from a friend telling me about the whereabouts of the Estrada’s plunder verdict. I was ecstatic to read that he was found guilty for plunder with a life imprisonment sentence.

Thank God justice was served!

When I got home, I tuned in to the news and saw the comment of Armida Siguion-Reyna about the guilty verdict of Estrada on TV Patrol or ANC. I find her stupid for saying that Estrada should be acquitted coz the jueteng money Estrada got did not come from the people’s money. I find her absurd reasoning silly. She’s being biased coz she’s Erap’s friend that she cannot see the wrong doings of Erap.

How can a president’s monthly salary buy millions worth of mansions, other properties and bank accounts? Even she says it comes from jueteng, jueteng is still illegal. Better shut up than to comment on something you are not aware of.

1 comment:

chase said...

naaawa ako kay erap.
other people responsible should have been convicted also.