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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Inday TV Commercial

After the short stint of Ederlyn (fictional character) in the SMS world, it’s Inday’s turn now. You must have received one of the forwarded SMS messages about the life of Inday. Bloggers even have time to collate it and post it in their blogs. Click here for the sample SMS messages.

Anyway, last Monday I think my friend sent me a SMS message saying that Inday has a TV commercial for Goldilocks. Of course I did not believe it until I saw it yesterday. She nonetheless plays as a maid of Kris Aquino buying Goldilocks Zero Trans Fat Tasty. She even has a line, “I know!” at the ending of the commercial. Hehe! Go Inday!


Anonymous said...

umaariba na naman mga inday. kaloka! :D

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dam-dam said...

mabuhay si inday at ang pagpapadugo niya sa ating mga ilong!

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salamat nga pala sa pagdaan.. ;)

jun.anteola said...

yun ba yun? di ko naman napansin na ang inggleserang si Inday pala yun? I don't think having Kris Aquino as amo was a good idea, di naman dudugo yun... no wonder di kuha ang patawa. :-)