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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Half Day

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling sick and weak. I still went on my day and went to the office. I was like a zombie at the office. Feeling off and was just staring at my computer monitor the whole morning. By 10 A.M., I have decided to go home after lunchtime. I’d rather rest that to feel worst the next day.

After having my lunch and finishing my report, I went home by 12:45 P.M. I took the FX taxi at San Miguel Avenue. It was a smooth ride compared to the usual heavy traffic during rush hour. It took me only 19 minutes from office to home.

After changing my clothes, I went straight to bed. My condition even got worst when I got up before 6 P.M. After washing my face, I went outside to buy congee for my snack. Went to continue watching Ugly Betty Episode 19 to 20 while having the congee.

By 7 P.M., I boiled some water for my salt and water mixture gargle. Went outside to buy two Paracetamol (3.50 each, huh!), rice and banana. I had Afritada tuna for my dinner. I wasn’t able to withdraw money so I was budgeting for my food.

After my dinner, I took my Paracetamol then went straight to bed. When I got up today, I’m glad I felt much better. I would do the laundry later after work coz I missed doing it yesterday. Sigh!

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