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Monday, September 10, 2007

First Grocery Shopping

Saturday morning I woke up early. Went outside to check my wet clothes then placed them on the spot where it could quickly dry.

Before 4 P.M., I went to MegaMall to do my grocery. I have my checklist on my cellphone so I wouldn’t buy things I won’t need. I first checked for fruits. They cost so much that I skipped buying them. Went straight to the Bath section to buy toothpaste, soap, lotion and loofah. I have a hard time choosing a lotion brand coz most of them cost a lot. I end buying a Lander brand that cost only 99 pesos for a much bigger size. My hands went dry after the laundry so I need to buy a lotion.

After that I bought noodles, canned goods, crackers, powder detergent and gloves. When I got home, I noticed that our neighbors are doing karaoke. They had setup a tent where the karaoke machine and chairs are housed. I was tired that day I went to sleep without hearing their loud awkward singing voices.


chase said...

wow, shopping galore.. heheheh
gud luck with independence.. ehhehehe

kit said...

hey makoy! :)

bluepanjeet | OTWOMD™ said...

ei makoy, sorry for the delay of reply toyour email, i was busy lately. anyhow nice header. It gave your blog a very personal touch indeed.

melai said...

wow hehehehe talagang pagod ka? di mo narinig yung kantahan e :)

hehehe bakit kaya wala akong sense magcomment lol!

dyosa said...

i love grocery shopping.

i also live alone (for a year now) and yeah, i'm with you on buying only what you need and being conscious on how much each item costs. that's one of the skills that we independent folks have to master- being a practical shopper instead of an impulsive one. :-)