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Friday, September 21, 2007

Elevator Echo

Yesterday on my way home—At the elevator, I was overwhelmed with the volume of people. When we got in most of them are chatting loudly. I was standing on the center right of the elevator literally receiving all the noise they are making. I was like in the center being shouted at.

It has been the second time I encountered this incident. I just hope people inside the elevator would be sensitive to the ears of others. You can continue your chatting after getting off the lift. And if you notice that someone in the elevator is talking, just shut up to eliminate more noise.

Elevator was invented to transport people from one floor to another not to do private conversations.


dyosa said...

annoying isn't it?

hay. im always a victim of a chaotic elevator noise barrage. i think a lot of people now, don't know their etiquette 101.

maki said...

I agree! and take note, some insensitive people are laughing out loud inside the elevator...why they can't hold their tongues for a few minutes?????

adrian said...

yeah, it's just so annoying. i often encounter these kinds of people here in our building too.