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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cable TV

Ugly Betty America FerreraThis morning my housemate informed me that Sky Cable finally went to our house to install cable. It’s just annoying that there was an error with the address that they have to come back to their office and correct it.

Before lunch, the cable in my room was finally installed. When I arrived home, I got to test my new cable experience with Sky Cable. It’s just disappointing that Disney, Discovery and Hallmark Channels are not included in the Silver package of Sky Cable.

I got to watch tonight the second episode of Ugly Betty on Star World and the elimination of Azmyth in Pirate Master on AXN.


Anonymous said...

haha.. it happens naman. may mga ganyang pangyayari pag asa peak ka na ng excitement. like saken, when me and my family go out, may mga unwanted scenarios like naiwan ung wallet, nasira ung binili...haha.

Anyways, congrats sa newly installed skycable :D

God Bless.

shaula0pink said...

what no discovery and disney channel? awww mehn!

Anyway, happee watching :)

chase said...

huhuhu.. wala kaming cable..
naaadik kc ako jan.. kaya g.remove. huhuhu.

Anonymous said...

weeee....congrats...ur a step closer to being a couch potato!!! joke....hahaha

chase said...

yup, naadik ko. hahahhaah..
kaya in xchange of cable tv. interenet nalng.
hindi man nakakaadik ang interenet. hehehe