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Thursday, September 6, 2007

America’s Next Top Model 7 Finale

Caridee ANTM 7 WinnerI woke up this morning 30 minutes late from the usual. Before going to work, I bought food for lunch and I bought “lugaw” for my breakfast. I was fortunate to ride a jeepney without the hassle of so much waiting. I arrived the office 7:52 A.M., still early from my usual past 8 A.M. log in.

I ate my “lugaw” when I arrived the office. It’s just that I’m having hyperacidity after eating the “lugaw.” I endured the pain until lunchtime when I took Kremil-S. I’m actually not sure if its hyperacidity or I’m just starving.

Before 3 P.M., the hyperacidity came back and I opt to eat something. I bought siopao asado at Mini Stop with my officemate. When I got home, I went to the bath then had my dinner afterwards. Went to my room then just watched TV and waited for the season finale of America’s Next Top Model Season 7 at ETC.

Before ANTM, I got to watch Proudly Filipina hosted by Daphne Osena-Paez on QTV. Chin-Chin Gutierrez and Anna Bayle are two of the guests last night. Fast forward to ANTM, the final three got to shoot a TV commercial and a print ad for Cover girl cosmetics. All of them excelled except for Melrose. Eugena got eliminated though for lack of passion leaving Caridee and Melrose as the final two.

I was pleased that Caridee won even she failed to impress the judges in the runway. Her craziness and beautiful pictures the entire competition helped her win the title. Boo to Melrose!


Prudence said...

Ay tapos na pala 'yung show :-( HIndi ko napanood ang finals

dazedblu* said...

i really hate that that it's been telecast for a delayed alsmot two season, ANTM has a new cycle.. i wuz more thankful with youtube for watching the latest season.

on the other hand, i wish ma pursue yung season 2 ng PNTM.