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Monday, September 24, 2007

600th Post: Ugly Betty Marathon

Last Friday, I went to Bench Fix Salon at Robinson’s Galleria to have a haircut. As usual my former stylist was fully booked. Instead of waiting, I went straight home. It even had crossed my mind just to have my haircut on the barbershops near my place.

When I reached Lifehomes, I checked the salon and beauty shops. Instead of entering them, I have decided to just have my haircut on Saturday at Bench Fix Salon at Star Mall. Be safe than be sorry.

Saturday morning, I started my day by sweeping my floor followed by dusting my TV and DVD player. Instead of having pandesal or congee for breakfast, I walked towards the market then bought salted egg, tomatoes and rice. After my breakfast and quick stroll, I watched Ugly Betty on DVD. I went to bath by 11 A.M. then went to the computer shop to rent the internet. Just stayed the computer shop for about 45 minutes then went to my usual “carinderia” to have my lunch.

1 P.M., I watched the premiere episode of House Season 3. I was surprised to see that House was running. What happened to the last season that made him run?

Around 3 P.M., I went straight to Star Mall in Crossing. I took the Crossing JRU route and was surprised that the jeepney went straight ahead the fly-over of Shangri-La. I walked a far distance while raining to Star Mall. I was glad that I don’t have to wait for my stylist.

Sunday, I finished episode 18 of Ugly Betty. Can’t wait to finish it this week.


JP aka Elmo said...

off topic tayo.

nakasama ka sa mga na-TAG ko:


Anonymous said...

hehehe, talgang wala kang tiwala sa iba for your haircut ah. ako i get my haircut sa barbershop lang. I have curly hair kasi so Not much style I can have. So I always wear my hair short.

cheh said...

Makoy said:

really? san sa pque k nag HS?

let me know kung na link mo na ako.

I went to two school,1st-2nd HS Lycee de St.Cyr,3rd $ 4th Olivarez College. How about you?

BTW I already linked you & even tagged you for the free view desktop meme:)

yoshke said...

HOUSE 3: yeah, ako rin. parang nakalimutan ko na rin yung 2nd season, sabe ko, "Ay tumatakbo na sya?!"

Go Ugly Betty. You'll like the finale. And it feels weird telling you this because I didnt like the finale. ehehehe

VeRTiTO said...

ugly betty, you make me lauch dude, :)

it's nice to know you back posting here!

VeRTiTO said...

ugly betty posting make make me laugh :)

chase said...

im going to buy ugly betty dibidi tomorrow.. heheheh..
daming nagsabi nice xa..