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Monday, September 24, 2007

52-Peso Snack

My snack last Saturday at MegaMall. This whole meal costs only 52 pesos. Sad thing though the only tasty food in this meal is the turon. The pancit malabon, fresh lumpia and macaroni salad lacks flavor and ingredients. Even the gulaman tastes like water with little sugar in it. That's why it only cost 52 pesos.


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parisukat said...

this simply shows how small the value of our money has become. The entrepreneurs try to give you the same amount of food as before, but that's about it... almost the same quantity but no quality at all, otherwise they would be losing their businesses too, and in the end consumers always do the sacrifice.

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Shay Delgado said...

that's a lot of food for 52 pesos!!!!

thanks for the visit. have linked u already!

Prudence said...

Where did you buy this meal? Please tell us so that we may avoid that resto/fast food store. Hehe.

Exene said...

Aw well it LOOKED like a good deal though.
I wish that good stuff would come cheaply.

Anonymous said...

sayang, natakam pa naman ako sa pancit malabon...hehehehe