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Thursday, August 16, 2007

What A Song!

I’ve been hearing a new song over the radio, which I think, is very unpleasant and irritating. I think it is entitled “Crazy Love.” My guess was Judy Ann Santos sang this song, but apparently its Kim Chui singing. Oh my, Judy Ann and Kim sound alike.

Kim Chui should have a reality check that she can’t sing. It freaks me out every time I hear her song. Do music producers now record songs based on the popularity of a certain personality even they can’t sing. Even her rejoice jingle “Kering-Keri” is also disturbing. She’s like squeaking while singing the high notes. It’s really terrible!

One more song that bugs me is the Centrum jingle sang by Piolo Pascual. DJ’s of radio station even introduce it as an inspirational song. What’s so inspirational about that song? It sounded unfit for the product they are advertising.

1 comment:

Tami said...

makoy, natatawa naman ako sa yo. na freak out ka talaga dun??? e ang hinhin ng boses ni Kim, kung ka-freakout freakout yun e di siguro sobrang panget talaga hehe =P