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Monday, August 27, 2007

Taxi Driver

Saturday around 7 P.M., after all the hardships of shopping, we finally got out of MegaMall and waited for our queue in a taxi ride to Lifehomes. It took us around 30 minutes in waiting. It’s just annoying that two taxi drivers won’t let us in.

On the 3rd cab, we finally got our things in and waited patiently to arrive in our destination. On our cruise to Lifehomes, the taxi driver nagged about how traffic going to Lifehomes was. He even mentioned how rowdy the place was. My friend and I just keep our quiet and made him quiet from our silent treatment. It was indeed traffic but bearable.

Who the hell he is to complain? It’s his job to drive. Get yourself to school if you don’t want this kind of work.

When we approached Lifehomes, the taxi turned right before the overpass and we were surprised that the cab suddenly stopped. I honestly felt that he’s just doing games with us and he’s lying about the car failure.

To cut the story short, I paid him then carried our shopped items to the tricycle station. Thank God that day was over!

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