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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Just got up from a very frightening dream. It was just my mom and I in our living room. She’s folding clothes while my attention was glued to our front gate. There’s this guy in motorcycle that has been going in circles in our front gate. The next thing that I can remember is that they made motorcycle sounds and the three of them were inside our compound.

They were firing bullets all over the house. My mom and I got our tummies on the floor. We managed to crawl to the other room while they are firing. I even managed to close the back door, which was half open. Then I asked my mom if the door in the dirty kitchen is closed. As I was crawling to check towards our living room, I saw one of the motorcycle boys approaching the room we were in. I crawled back in and thought of things on how to protect my mom and myself. Unfortunately, things happened fast and he caught us. After that scene, I woke up—very frightened.


Tami said...

I had a scary dream too about robbers before. It was after we experienced a real break-in at the house. I dreamt the robber was holding my sister (victim of the break-in) hostage, with a knife to her throat. it was so real and scary that even in my dream, i felt my mouth clamming up, and my breath caught in my throat. No word would come out, even though in my head, I was screaming for help. grabe.. sakit ng dibdib ko when i woke up/.

kat said...

probably a warning that you should be careful. pray and keep safe.

hopped here from emmyrose's blog.

can we exchange links?

erasmusa said...

now that is really vivid and scary! i don't know whether i should be thankful that my dreams are not realistic. ingat!

joice said...

wow that's scary. :(

thank heavens it's not true. :)

icka said...

good thing twas jst a dream!

texas_sweetie said...

Wow that surely scary...just dropped by to see what's new in here..have a good day makoyz

Drake said...

Scary Makoy. It's a good thing you woke up before "that" climactic scene in your dream. I've had a few similar nightmares before. Which fancies me, why is it almost always that we wake up from a nightmare just before something bad happens?

I guess if we end up dead in the dream, we might as well feel dead sleeping. Freaky!