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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ready To Move

Pupung and Friends Lechon KawaliLast Friday after work, I met with a friend and went to Mall of Asia. We had dinner at Pupung and Friends. The place is really great. It has comic strips all over the restaurant and has fancy lampshades still with comic strips. Cute fast food resto!

I had Lechon Kawali, which was great and was very affordable at 75 pesos only. Just add 18 pesos for the ice tea then your dinner is solved. After dinner, we went to the department store and checked out the stuffs I would need for my new apartment. Pillows actually cost 300+ pesos apiece; foam mattress cost 1,200 pesos minimum and bed sheets priced at around 600 pesos.

Sigh… Reality bites that living independent cost a lot. I’m just optimistic that I can make it. I’m excited of finally fulfilling one of my dreams.

1 comment:

Sherry said...

its all in pesos, how much will it cost if MYR?