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Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Home

Yesterday after lunch, I went to see my new apartment in Pasig City. My friend accompanied me on this trip. I was just worried that I would get lost even I have suitable information to go there. I have asked several people to make sure of that I won’t get lost.

We took the MRT to Ortigas station then walked to the bus station of Robinson’s Galleria. We took the RRCG bus with the Cainta signage on it. The bus was full so we were standing on our way to Lifehomes, but managed to have our seat after a couple got off the bus.

At Lifehomes, we had problems on what to say to the tricycle driver. I texted my contact in the apartment and asked again for instructions. We even got lost on finding the house. I even asked for directions on one of the neighbor there. Luckily, we located the house on our next try. We checked my room and were certain that it needs painting and the divider inside my room should be removed. The room looks promising. I’m just concerned how clutter the ground floor is. I think I handle it or I would just throw away their things outside, hahaha!

After a brief check of the house, we left then went straight to Edsa Shrine. After our short visit in the church, we rode a bus to Trinoma.


Rice Gurl said...

having your own place is so cool.

noKk said...

hehehe...malapit lapit ka na smen! Pagnakita kita sa GLiner, sisigaw ako ng macooooooy!!! Ganda naman ni ming-ming mo!!! At paborito ko rin c JGrisham. Try mo naman cna Dean Koontz...at James Patterson...I miss reading books....

Makoy said...

thanks nice gurl!

@nokk: wag k naman sisigaw ng makoy nakakahiya sa mga tao. taga san kb nokk?