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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I think it was on the news two days ago about the upcoming National Career Assessment Examinations (NCAE) of 4th year high school students. According to the news item, The Department of Education wanted this examination to be considered in the selection of career path of students.

I have repeatedly heard from DepEd that students with lower scores should consider taking vocational or technical courses instead of a 4-year course. Are they being so pessimist or what? Does that mean students who aren’t that smart aren’t allowed to follow their dreams and just do technical courses? Instead of pushing students to do better, they want them to be satisfied.

Tsk tsk tsk.


chase said...

ayy ano ba yan!
are they preparing them to be exported abroad.
this is their subtle way of saying
pag vocational nalng kayo
para i-export kayo
at lolobo ang dollar remittances natin at gagaan ang ekonomiya ng bansa.

ayel said...

I don't see it that way. Although students can learn in the process but one of the problems in higher education is the mismatch of the students' capabilities and interests they are taking up. The NCAE does not determine who is dumb and who is smart. It measures the aptitude, a determiner of possible future career for incoming college students. It is for students to use as guide in choosing a career suited for their capabilities and interests and for guidance counselors to help students in deciding.
Afterall, college education should not be viewed as passport for better "financial" but rather for self-actualization, making the most out of one's own giftedness.

Have a great day! :)