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Friday, August 24, 2007

Lost Season 3 Finale

Just finished the last two episodes of Lost over AXN. The usual season finale—the story is in cliffhanger. Definitely the story would continue the next season.

I just love it when Jack pounded Ben on the face so hard his knuckles bled. It’s confusing to see flashbacks of Jack and Kate together. Maybe the flashbacks are actually the present and they are just telling their story on the island.

I’m wickedly sure that Naomi, the girl with the satellite phone is from the bad side, like what Ben told Jack. I wonder what would happen the next season Charlie less and with a pregnant Kate?


yoshke said...

i so loved the first season of lost, but suddenly lost interest nung second season na. ewan ko ba. i just lost it.

chase said...

i did't expect na ma deadu si charlie.
i love this show!
the best

Frances said...

Here's something to ease your confusion: the "flashbacks" with Jack and Kate are not flashbacks. They're actually flash forwards. Notice that Jack says he wants to GO BACK to the island. Now, that's the real twist in the season 3 ending! :)