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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Looking For…

Guys, I’m looking for a place to rent near my office at Tektite, Ortigas. I prefer a quiet neighborhood with no problem with water and security. Let me know guys if you know one.

Anyway, I also want to ask for opinions on what laptop brand to buy. I would use the laptop for word processing, internet, photoshop, some programming and video playing. I desire for a fast computer coz I multi-task a lot. Here are some of the specifications that I want in my laptop: has Wi-fi, dual core processor, 100G or higher hard disk, DVDRW and at least 1GB of RAM. My budget by the way is $600 or less.

Are laptops cheaper in the U.S. than here in the Philippines? Feedbacks are highly appreciated.


1 comment:

blackdarkheart said...

ibook never fails to deliver it's promise. But it's worth the investment. Compaq and IBM are packed a lot of features. And specification varies per model. they range from 40thou to 80thou.