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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Initial Shopping

Baclaran shoppingYesterday, we went to Baclaran to shop for bed sheets, pillowcases, shorts, hangers and anything that is needed for my apartment. We walked to side street near BPI and Max’s where plants and curtains are sold. I even saw a young boy walking and seemed like enjoying his window-shopping. I just can’t tell if he’s alone or with somebody.

Bed sheets in that area costs 350 pesos while the fabric for me is kinda rough. There are much cheaper bed sheets but the fabric is far worst from the 350-priced bed sheets. Pillowcases range from 50 each to 3 for 100 pesos. We strolled towards LRT and canvassed for prices. We went towards the Baclaran church side then saw good quality hangers that cost only 65 pesos for 12 pieces. I even managed to lower the price to 60 pesos then bought 3 sets of it.

We went to the church afterwards to pee and to say a prayer. Went to walk again and decided to buy a cool drink at Ministop. It was extremely hot that afternoon so we rested for a while. On our way back to shopping, I saw a hamper that costs only 50 pesos. Bought the blue colored one and bought a 3 for 100 plain shorts just beside the hamper store.

We then looked for a black leather belt for my friend then went straight to MegaMall. We managed to buy a mattress for 3,200+ pesos; bed sheet and pillow case set for 550 pesos; 2 pillow for 240+ pesos each; stand fan for 700+ pesos and padlocks for 150 pesos. Thanks to my credit cards, I would worry on paying them next month.

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