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Sunday, August 26, 2007


Last Friday, I carried my gym bag full of books to the office. It was extremely painful to carry the bag. My right shoulder and right arm ached until now. At the office, I made sure that my bag wouldn’t make a scene and my officemates wouldn’t ask me questions about it. I hit it under my table and just one of my co-department noticed it, but ignored him when asked.

After 5 P.M., I began to prepare my things. I brushed my teeth, got my bag and placed it on my ergo chair. My boss was surprised and immediately inquired. I think I made her impressed from my move to being independent. Her big smile said it all.

At San Miguel Avenue in Ortigas, I waited for FX taxi to Lifehomes. Before that I texted my friend to confirm on what route to take. I have forgotten her instructions from the email she sent me early morning. It started to rain so I was kinda pissed off waiting for her reply.

It was a battle of traffic and heavy bag on my lap. When I got to my apartment, I was surprised to see that my room was already painted white. I emptied my bag and placed my books on an empty carton box and left it inside my closet.

It was a smooth ride though from Lifehomes to Shaw MRT.

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