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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Granny, Watch Your Eyes

Late morning, I accompanied a friend to HealthWay in Alabang Town Center to have his pre-employment medical exam. I brought an umbrella with me as well as the book “Song Of Solomon.” After the medical examination, we went to the computer section of Alabang Town Center and checked the prices of laptops.

On our way to the top floor of ATC, we stopped to this magazine stand near the escalator. As we were scanning for magazines, an old woman caught my attention. She was checking out soft porn male magazines and was very serious about it. It really made me laugh so hard that I went to the opposite side and released my undying laughter.

As we stepped the escalator, the old woman was still checking it out.


ayel said...

hanep si lola, nag-iinit pa... :)

Anonymous said...

the world gets weirder by the day.......hahahaha