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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Flooded Day

flood in ParanaqueI woke up today surprised that it was raining so hard. As I was having my breakfast, I checked the street outside and was dismayed that the water was ankle high. I continued my breakfast then went straight to bath hoping that after my bath, the rain would stop and I would find a way to go to the office.

After my bath, I checked the water outside. Still nothing has changed. Apparently, on the guardhouse of our subdivision, it is already flooded. My sister fresh from her nurse duty had a difficultly in going home, and was all wet. Our subdivision by the way is just beside a creek so it would definitely flood on circumstances that the rain continuously to pour.

I’ve texted my officemate and asked if he’s going to work. He’s not going to work due to flood so I won’t be going to work as well. I went to my room and continued my reading of The Rainmaker. I waited until 8 A.M. then called the office to inform the situation. Went back to my reading until 9 or 10 A.M. I guess. I was glad to finish chapter 10 of the book.

I’m just so happy reading Grisham’s book. It’s not boring, the pace is fast and it’s entertaining. I would continue my reading after this post.

Back to the rain, I’m glad it’s raining. God is really great to bless us with rain these times of drought and water crisis. I just hope this outpour would help fill up dams and would help farmers in their agriculture.

1 comment:

chase said...

if it was raining there.
here in cebu was hot and sunny