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Monday, August 27, 2007


Yesterday, I finally told my mom and my sisters that I’m leaving this Saturday to my new home. As expected, my mom asked me many questions. Like who will cook for me, who will wash my clothes, the rent and almost every pertinent question to ask.

I was relieved to finally say it out loud. I was moved that my youngest sister cried while hugging me when she heard the news from my other sister. Sigh! It’s hard to leave but I have to do this for me and for my growth.


blackdarkheart said...

oyah, mahirap ang magstart ng nagiisa, sobra. mamimiss mo yung effort ng nanay mo. Pero at least for your growth yun, so maiintindihan nila yun.. best wishes. gud pm

icka said...

they are just concerned about you. syempre, nasanay na sila na kasama ka nila. oh happy lipat bahay sau!

Drake said...

Have a wonderful start on your new home this Saturday Makoy. God bless.

Quincy John said...

best hopes kuya mac.

that's why i hate those scenes because it easily moves me too.


chase said...

bravo for independence!