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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bow Wow Movie

Bow WowLast night at Star Movies, we watched the movie of Bow Wow doing skates (Roll Bounce). The setting of the movie is in the 70s so their costumes and music are in retro.

It’s just fun to watch movies with dance choreography in it. It makes you wanna dance even you have two left feet like me. Anyway, I never thought Bow Wow has talent in dancing aside from his rapping skills. He is fortunate to crossover puberty without troubles in his career.

1 comment:

b'ley said...

i was able to watch that too!

it was such a lot of fun to watch Bow Wow especially the last part where all finalists will have to compete and he did the "face off" in order to break the tie.

i never learned how to skate, not even rollerblade. frustration.