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Friday, August 31, 2007

2nd Poll Question Result

Poll question result cosmetic surgeryHere is the result of my second poll question, “Would you consider cosmetic surgery?”

No – 13 votes or 45%
Yes – 9 votes or 31%
Uncertain – 7 or 24%

For my third poll question, do you guys keep or throw away love letters or cards from your exes?


quincy john said...

answered the poll kuya mac..

Darang Sisa said...

definitely throw... i just see no point in keeping everything since the person who gave them isn't worth keeping anyways. one more thing, once naka-move on ka na and are in a new relationship, problema mo pang itatago sa lumang baul ni lola ang mga yan para hindi makita ni current, hehehe... kaya, THROW and save yourself from further trouble and some precious space na rin. :D

Anonymous said...

depende how the realtionship worked out to the end, kung puro bitter memories lang, wag na din.....hehehe

Makoy said...

i was clearing my closet a week ago and came across with the love letters and cards from my exes. That's why I come up with this poll question. I actually keep them since almost all of my past relationships ended well.