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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Series Marathon

Friday finally wasn’t a toxic day for me. After days of laboring in a single management report, it’s finally over. I also finished fixing bugs in my two systems. I haven’t started though with the system enhancement of my other program even it is due last Friday. I know the bosses knew I was preoccupied doing their report.

Karate KidAfter work last Friday, I went straight to UP Manila. My friend invited me coz there’s a function for the 1st year nursing students. The students wore Japanese inspired outfits. Sailor Moon was there, ladies in kimono and guys in Japanese bathrobe like outfits. The first year students had dance and acting presentations inspired with their Zen theme. We did not finish the presentation and went straight to Robinson’s Place Manila. We tried dining at Karate Kid and had the Ika combo. Compared to Tokyo Tokyo, Karate Kid’s combo has more serving and it comes with bottomless punch and rice of course. I would definitely eat again there.

Today, I woke up 11 in the morning. Had century tuna for breakfast. After my breakfast, I locked myself in my sister’s room and went on a DVD marathon. I first watched Hills Have Eyes 2, very gory scenes by the way, and then I watched Grey’s Anatomy. Anyway, by 3 P.M., I felt hungry so I stopped watching, had my exercise first, took a bath then had my late lunch. After lunch, I continued with my Grey’s Anatomy marathon. The last episode that episode that I’ve seen was George and Izzy had sex and they kept it a secret to George’s wife. I’ve also seen the episode where Meredith almost died from hypothermia. Meredith’s mom died on that episode. I shed some tears from that episode. After I had dinner at 8 P.M., my sisters and I watched two episodes of Lost.

Would read now Song of Solomon. I’m on the middle of the book now. Hoping to finish it next week. Nyt!

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Sherry said...

wow, sound like you have fun there.