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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Scary Dream

I had a scary dream last night. I was all alone in this unfamiliar house. I was about to enter this room when suddenly a woman inside the room glanced at me and made a scary stare. I immediately closed the door and ran to the main door of the house.

As I was about to touch the doorknob, the lady ghost floats in front of me in a very fast pace. I was all screaming then I was awaken by the knocking of my door. What a scary dream! I have been dreaming scary stuffs for the past few days now and I don’t know the reason why.


mcaethen said...

drink a lot of water before you sleep so that you'll have a sound and good night sleep. dreams sometimes are omens.

Anonymous said...

Have you been watching scary movies or reading scary books? Don't go to bed with a full stomach 'cause that can give you a restless, terrible night's sleep. I sometimes have scary dreams about being in an elevator and it suddenly plunges to the bottom really really fast. I usually wake up before it crashes. I think I have that awful dream whenever my life feels out of control and stressful. Maybe you are having something that is upsetting to you in the daytime? Well, hoping you have sweet dreams from now on and don't let the "bed bugs bite" as they say. LOL!

Angel said...

oh my golly. why did i ever read this post?!?!??!! lol

i. wont. get. scared.