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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Roxanne Barcelo's Career Timeline

I got this picture from Iko, a fellow blogger. This picture made me laugh. Just want to share this to my readers.
Roxanne Barcelo


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

that one's sooo funny.

poor poor girl, i guess all the powers in the universe conspired against her. good luck though. i know she can make it.


Anonymous said...

I'am not againts her and anybody. Ang lahat ng Tao ay nabubuhay lang sa maikling panahon. dahil balang araw lahat tayo ay sa alabok patutungo. (ANG SARAP MABUHAY KUNG IKAW AY WALANG GALIT SA PUSO NINUMAN... MAGING POPULAR SA MATA NG DIYOS AT HUWAG SA TAO.
Well Miss Roxanne barcelo Thanks for Everything. Still I'will Pray for You... GOD know;s what"s real inside of our Heart.