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Saturday, July 14, 2007


Before I continue reading Song of Solomon, I want to share an experience last Friday at the MRT. On my way to Taft, the MRT is jammed packed as usual. When I managed to ride the second train, I got all squeezed up inside. Thank God the air-conditioning system works.

At the Magallanes station, I noticed that the guy on my left side near the door suddenly whines and talks to the passengers beside him. Apparently his wallet got stolen from the passenger that got off Ayala station. Exclaiming, “Sabi ko na nga ba eh!”

I just don’t get it why people aren’t that cautious and observant. You know exactly that it’s payday, you’re gonna ride a jammed packed MRT and there’s a possible lurker of you’re hard earned money. You are in the Philippines, you have to be careful, smart and on-the-look most of the time. Don’t feed these criminals the chance to steal.

1 comment:

oasis said...

dami dyan sa magallanes na mandurukot.nayare na rin ako dyan kunware sasakay un pala hindi tapos kaboom wala na wallet ko.