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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oprah Primetime On The Hallmark Channel

The Oprah Winfrey Show On Hallmark ChannelI have been watching Oprah Primetime on the Hallmark Channel for two days now. Last Tuesday’s episode they featured people saved from their own heroes. A daughter saved her mother from a bear attack inside their house. Her mother attained many cuts and even tore her left ear. She saved her mother by attracting the bear with a frozen meat in her hand. She manipulated the bear to follow her to the kitchen then attended to her mother.

Another story is about a mother who shielded her two boys from a rushing tornado leaving her paralyzed waist down. Her house was totally destroyed while her two boys just acquired little scratches. A mother hero as Oprah exclaimed it.

Last night’s episode was about the secrets kept by people. A wife has been struggling of bulimia for 11 years. She eats like a pig then vomits three times a day using her toothbrush. She hides her vomit in a plastic bag in her closet. Her husband and her family made the intervention to treat her.

Another guest suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder. A mother of two that doesn’t want any physical contact from anyone even her family without washing their hands or taking a bath. Her disorder started after giving birth to his son and when they transferred to a new house. Her family felt dirty, unwanted and unworthy. According to her an aunt of hers has the same disorder.

Anyway, here are some of her rules in the house: 1) Frequent hand washing and bath; 2) No one is allowed to touch her especially when she just had a bath; 3) No one will touch her things and her side of the bed; 4) and many others.

1 comment:

chase said...

i love oprah!
she's the one i idolize.
its not a shock why she is the number 1 most influential person in the whole wide world =)