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Saturday, July 21, 2007

No Spitting

This happened a week ago. I was on an old Mayamy bus, seated on the right side of the bus. There was a group of middle-aged woman that got in the bus and was seated on my opposite side. The other woman seated one seat apart from the group. She was coughing and making sounds. I noticed that she spitted phlegm on the bus floor then quickly stepped it and spread it on the floor so no one would noticed it. I think she spitted three times. The bus conductor even noticed her bad act, but did not do anything about it.

As a commuter, we should respect our co-commuter and the public transportation. It is not our property where we can just spit and do what you want. Be at least human and sensitive. Isn’t it damn obvious that your phlegm contains bacteria that would circulate the entire bus? If there’s a need to spit it out, then use your tissue or your handkerchief. Basic manners would do.


joiz said...

that is just gross! sobrang unhygienic!

Drake said...

That's gross! Spitting, whatever it is that's spewed, is one of my social pet peeves, especially if executed blatantly. I'm so annoyed by it.

I surmise the old lady's developing the apathy syndrome of senescence.

Tami said...

i hate it when people spit. i had an experience in a jeep once along sumulong highway in antipolo. the girl in front of me suddenly spat twice outside the jeepney window - and her spit came right onto my face! kinalabit ko na sya and told her not to do it, then she did it again. Apparently she was drunk and didnt understand a word i said so i just moved opposite her. Buti na lang, because at that time, nasuka na talaga sha. it was really gross!