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Monday, July 23, 2007

New On Studio 23

I was waiting for the series Criminal Minds at Studio 23 tonight. I was surprised that its timeslot was replaced by Grey’s Anatomy. Not only that, they have changed their parental rating advise to a hip, Tagalog tag line. It sounded corny to me though.

I also noticed that TJ Manotoc has replaced Mari Kaimo in News Central along side Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo. News Central now has a better set and their news format is on the yuppie level now.

Yesterday, Digital Tour signed off for good. One of the best local shows produced by Studio 23. I just hope more local shows would be produced. ABS-CBN has a lot of talents and resources. It should be utilized well.


wely said...

yup, it's such a pity that digital tour ended. but i'm hoping that it'll be replaced by an equivalent (or better, i hope) program in the future. :D

Vince Rodriguez said...

Hi Makoy!

Thanks for watching News Central. We'll be having a couple of more new things on the show in the next few weeks. Any feedback, good or bad, will be much appreciated.



Tala said...

They should have replaced Ria Trillo instead. Marieton Pacheco and Tricia Chiongbian do a better newscast. Ria Trillo belongs to the Entertainment News.