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Friday, July 27, 2007

500th Post: More Brownouts?

Last Wednesday, some parts of the country specifically the south including Parañaque City suffered from a brownout that lasted two hours. According to the press release of Meralco, the power outage was caused by the lack of rain this past few days. Water is one of the sources of electricity in geothermal plants here in the Philippines.

But according to the news yesterday, rain is not the only cause of power shortage last Wednesday, but the late delivery of coal to a power plant. Just can’t remember which power plant it is.

They have been doing this procedure for many years now. How come this lapse happened? If your coal stock is near its re-order point, naturally you should order at once to your supplier. You would not wait for something to happen, right?

Anyway, starting Thursday I noticed the sudden rain during mid morning. Temperature dropped a bit and after lunch it’s all sunny again. Apparently the rain during that time was artificially made called cloud seeding. The government is spending Php 100,000 a day to scatter salt in clouds to induce rain. A great move of the government to counter drought and to help increase the water level of our water dams.

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