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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hit TV Commercial

I’ve been seeing the “Sinabawang Gulay” TV advertisement of Knorr for the past two weeks now. Even on radio, its jingle is being played. Anyway, I think the person that made this concept hit big time. Not only that it’s catchy, child-friendly, lyrics to the jingle is easy to memorize, but it also influences children in a good way to eat vegetables. What a very bright idea!

Happy kids on TV commercial plus nice jingle plus kids enjoying vegetables equals good sales and effective marketing strategy. I just hope mothers would focus on the vegetables and less on the chemical broth cubes.

Clear ShampooStill with commercials, “Clear”, a new anti-dandruff shampoo has started advertising their new product on TV. Compared to the usual shampoo commercial, this new one is done on a PowerPoint like presentation with black background and alternating pictures matched with the boring British guy voice over.

I think they should do a new one. It’s so boring to watch and too black and white. The product is about dandruff, but it seems like a TV commercial for something serious like cancer.

1 comment:

fruityoaty said...

I'm addicted the Sinabawang Gulay jingle, LOL. I keep singing it in my head. The kids are so cute.

BTW, I just read your message on MyBlogLog about exchanging links. Yes, that's cool. I just finished adding you to my blogroll.

L8tr days,