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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Furious Driver

Last Thursday, I was in a FX taxi on my way home. The FX taxi seems okay. It has good air-conditioning plus it has a small LCD TV mounted on top of the driver seat, which is tuned in to GMA 7, 24 Oras.

At Roxas Boulevard, a woman entered the FX taxi and paid ten pesos. The driver asked her where she would get off and she replied, “Before Coastal.” As we were approaching Coastal, we noticed that the driver suddenly muted the TV and expected his passengers to analyze the news broadcast by reading the lips of the broadcasters. Then suddenly the driver arrogantly asked again the woman where she would get off. Then the woman replied, “Coastal.” The arrogant driver replied, “You need to add 5 pesos. It’s Coastal already.” The woman got 20 pesos from her bag then arrogantly gave it to the driver. As soon as the woman got off the FX taxi, the driver increased the volume of the TV. Tsk tsk tsk to the driver. At least he did not charge us extra for watching TV.

1 comment:

pragments said...

sori hindi ko nagets itong post mo. yung driver ba yung amsama dito? hehe. paexplika naman. :)