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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Featured Blog

Makoy Blog

Yey! My blog was featured in the July 1st edition of Bloginterviewer.com. My second interview was chosen, thank God! Anyway, I hope they corrected the grammatical errors I had. I have seen a few, grrrr. Guys, check out my interview by going to this link. You may post your comment and even rate my blog. Harrrr, my complete name is displayed.


quiKoy taWops said...

congratz pare mak..

ride on.

N i K N o K said...

wow congratz!!!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

hi makoy!!! congratulations!!!

thanks for the visit makoy (i also detest posting my complete name in pullic). =) hehehe. well, that's the price u have to pay for being famous. hehehe.

congrats again.lj

bugITs said...

makoy bro.. congrats..! keep it up!

Czian said...

you too? ako din!! haha. meron din akong interview dyan.