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Friday, July 13, 2007


I wrote a post about Teofisto Guingona last Monday and had a hard time thinking about the English word for “balimbing.” The next day I sent a SMS message to all of my friends and asked them for the English word of it. Here are the responses that I got:

1. “Traitor? Hehehe! Dko alam eh.”
2. “Friend tito sotto pla! Hahaha!”
3. Political butterfly
4. “Not included. No permanent friend. Turn 2d left turn 2d right. Pick ur choice. Bkit m ask? Ayos kba jan?” *Ano daw!
5. Taking both sides
6. Political turncoat?
7. Turncoat
8. “Balimbing kc is d same as a traitor so u can refer to it as “turncoat.” Cenxa n sa late reply. Nyt.”
9. “Star fruit, English ng balimbing.”
10. Bias

…And the correct answer is turncoat (n. One who traitorously switches allegiance.)


Jigs said...

Haha! Cool! i didn't know that!

ayel said...

“Star fruit, English ng balimbing.”

genetic ba yung pagiging balimbing o nakukuha sa pagkain nung prutas? dami kasi starfruit sa bukid namin at kain ako nang kain nun pag andun ako. katakot...baka i'll be a turncoat one day. HAHA. Mais.

GANDANG GABI PO, Makoyskie..

† alleicarg † said...



Tami said...

“Star fruit, English ng balimbing.”

- haha, hindi daw kasi malinaw yung context ng question. =D

Mets Aquino said...

Hahaha! OO nga nmn.... fault mo din eh... next time lilinawin mo. hehehe