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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sleep All Day

After my brunch yesterday, I went to my sister’s room and watched TV. After ten minutes of watching Wowowee, I’ve decided to continue watching Heroes Season 1 coz I need to return it on Monday, so I could borrow episodes 20 to 23.

After watching episode 19, I went to bed and had my nap. I think it was 2 P.M. at that time. I woke up at around 6 P.M., so literally I was sleeping the whole day.

Today, I woke up by 10 A.M. Did my exercise even my muscles are aching. Had my breakfast then watched TV until CSI: NY. Had my lunch by 2 P.M. then watched Shrek 3 afterwards. The third installment of Shrek isn’t really fascinating. It is not funny anymore, but a bit boring. At least I survived it and I didn’t die.

Anyway, I’m skipping my book reading tonight. I better sleep early than to be sleepy all day on a hectic Monday.

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